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Jennifer Daniels
Jennifer Daniels, Associate Director, Office of Equity & Inclusion
This week on Campus Voices, we spoke with Jennifer Daniels and Adam Foley of the University of Delaware’s Office of Equity and Inclusion (OEI).

Daniels and Foley are leading a series of workshops for University faculty and staff that address diversity and inclusion in and out of the classroom. University employees can choose to earn a LEAD Ally certificate by successfully completing all the workshops in the program.

They introduced us to several of the topics covered in their workshops: privilege, intersectionality, diversity, and inclusion. They also addressed how people can implement these concepts when teaching, at work, and in daily life as we all work towards a campus environment of “inclusive excellence.”

Check out this engaging and thought-provoking conversation linked below.

The Interview:

Jennifer Daniels and Adam Foley. Recorded on February 22, 2018.  First aired on March 22, 2018. 

About Our Guests:

Adam Foley
Adam Foley, Associate Director, Office of Equity & Inclusion.
  • Jennifer Daniels is an Associate Director in the University of Delaware’s Office of Equity and Inclusion. Daniels, who earned a graduate degree in Social Work, has provided diversity education to over 2,000 UD faculty, staff and students. In addition to providing educational workshops, she is frequently invited to speak at conferences and works with many community partners. In 2017 Daniels was awarded the University of Delaware’s Louis L. Redding Diversity Award.
  • Adam Foley is also an Associate Director in the University of Delaware’s Office of Equity and Inclusion. Foley earned his Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction at Iowa State University and has held adjunct faculty positions in UD’s Women & Gender Studies and Human Development & Family Studies departments. Foley’s research includes sexuality education and gender feminist identity development.

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