UDance 2018: Dancing For a Cure


UDance Final Total 2018On this week’s episode of Campus Voices, we talked to Grace Perigaut and Lauren Davis, two members of UDance’s Executive Board. UDance is a year-long effort dedicated to unifying the community while raising awareness for childhood cancer. In addition, UDance is also the UD’s largest student-run philanthropy group.

We talked to Grace and Lauren about what their partner, the B+ Foundation, what goes into planning the event, and about the children who benefit from UDance’s fundraising efforts.

UDance will take place on Sunday, March 11th, from 9am to 9pm at the Bob Carpenter Center.

The Interview

UDance 2018, recorded on  Feb. 23rd, 2018. First aired March 8th, 2018
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About Our Guests

Grace Perigaut and Lauren Davis serve on UDance’s Executive Board as Assistant Director and Canning Committee & Supplies Chair, respectively. As Assistant Director, Grace’s job consists of designing and ordering all of UDance’s merchandise, as well as assisting all of the board members with their positions. Additionally, Grace acted as the liaison between UDance and the Biden Institute. As a member of the Canning Team, Lauren is responsible for raising awareness and fundraising for UDance throughout the year. She helps coordinate logistics for canners, both on Main Street and at designated off-campus locations.

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