Gender in the Workplace

Gender Panel
Professors Kyle Emich, Amanda Bullough, Jessica Edwards, Wendy Smith (Left to Right)

WVUD’s Campus Voices hosted a special panel on gender issues in the workplace. The two-episode panel featured three professors from the Lerner College of Business and Economics – Wendy Smith, Amanda Bullough and Kyle Emich – and professor Jessica Edwards of the English department. The panelists explored the challenges women face in the workplace and offered insights into how these issues can be combated.

The panel discussed intersectional feminism and the reasons why women are treated differently in the workplace, and they offered advice for college women who are preparing to enter the workforce. The professors weighed in on the university’s initiatives to create an even playing field for women and advised men on how they can contribute to women’s success.

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Part 1, recorded December 1, 2017. First aired December 14, 2017.

Part 2, recorded December 1, 2017. First aired December 28, 2017.

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