Professor Christopher Williams Talks Ducks

Chris Williams This week, WVUD spoke with professor Chris Williams of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Dr. Williams runs a waterfowl and upland game bird research program that studies aquatic birds in the arctic and across the northeast. His studies focus on wildlife population ecology, animal behavior and wildlife policy.

We talked with Dr. Williams about his work in helping ducks avoid fishing nets, the importance of conservation and his research with undergrads studying various kinds of waterfowl.

The Interview

Chris Williams, recorded November 29, 2017. First aired December 7, 2017.

About our Guest

Dr. Chris Williams earned his Ph.D. in Wildlife Ecology from the University of Wisconsin in 2001. He is the president of North American Duck Symposium, Inc. and is the associate editor of the Journal of Wildlife Management. He founded the University of Delaware Chapter of Ducks Unlimited and has studied Black Ducks, Atlantic Brant and Canadian Geese. His research examines wildlife habitat interaction and wildlife policy.

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