Discussing Free Speech with Jenny Lambe

This week, WVUD spoke about the line between free speech and hate speech with University of Delaware Communication professor Jenny Lambe

We covered exactly how our University plays a role in this relevant topic and what specifically motivates those who engage in the act of hate speech.

Lambe discussed the difficulty of balancing the rights of free speech and freedom of expression, on the one hand, with the ideal of minimizing government regulation of media, on the other hand, while factoring in the public safety of a community.

Using one of the links below, check out this thought-provoking discussion of issues that are fueling debate across UD and across the country.

The Interview

Jenny Lambe (air version), recorded October 20, 2017. First aired October 26, 2017.

Jenny Lambe (podcast version), recorded October 20, 2017. Podcast version is not FCC compliant and includes material not heard on WVUD.

About our guest

Jenny Lambe is an associate professor in the University of Delaware’s Department of Communication and earned her Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota. Her most recent research involves the freedom of expression, media ethics, and the effects media has on people. Professor Lambe will be teaching classes in spring 2018 covering freedom of expression, media effects, and the effect mass media has on children.

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