Cyber Security with Shawn Cosgrove

As this week was cyber security awareness week, WVUD’s Campus Voices was able to talk with Shawn Cosgrove, an IT Security Analyst at the University of Delaware. We discussed with Shawn the dangers of phishing, how citizens can prevent becoming a victim, and the relevant stories of people who have clicked before thinking.

The Interview

Shawn Cosgrove, recorded live on October 19, 2017.

About our Guest

Shawn Cosgrove is an IT Security Analyst at the University of Delaware who considers himself to be a white hat hacker. That means that he is actively fighting the black hat hackers who are sending emails, attempting to steal information from people’s computers. He has been at the University for about a year and is currently conducting tests to see how many UD community members click on illegitimate links. He strives to educate faculty, staff and students on the dangers of phishing and how to outsmart a hacker.

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Richard Gordon: Producer, Audio Engineer, Host
Allison Delaney: Co-Host, Web Page Author, Audio Editor