C’mon Blue Hens! Join Recyclemania!

UD tweet re: RecyclemaniaWe welcomed Michelle Bennett, UD’s sustainability manager, back to WVUD in January 2017 to talk with us, and the campus, about the Recyclemania competition that UD has entered. Blue Hens are competing with students all across the country to see which campus can recycle the most material, can recycle the most material per student, can have the most effective campaigns to increase recycling on their campuses.

In addition, Michelle talked with us about what’s recyclable and what’s not, bulk recycling of electronics, single-stream recycling at UD and across the state of Delaware, different rules for recycling across the region, and other topics. Did you know that removing the tops from plastic bottles and tossing them into the recycle bin separately improves the efficiency of recycling and reduces the cost? After the show, Michelle emailed us information from the state of Delaware (linked below) and answered one of Richard’s questions: Yes, juice boxes are recyclable in Delaware.

Check out our energetic conversation with Michelle Bennett!

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Michelle Bennett, UD Sustainability Manager, recorded Jan. 30, 2017. First aired: Feb. 9, 2017.

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Michelle Bennett, UD Sustainability ManagerMichelle Bennett began her professional career in environmental sustainability while still earning her MS in environmental studies, working for Macquarie University‚Äôs Campus Experience. She helped reduce the energy and water consumption at Macquarie by at least 15%. Since then, she has also worked as a research consultant for Climate Ventures Inc. and as an energy efficiency analyst for ICF International before becoming UD’s Sustainability Manager. Since she came to UD late in 2015, she’s built an enthusiastic cadre of student interns to help her get the message out to the campus: Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!

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