Main Street Journal

Rachel Curry and Jake Meizell

Did you know that there’s an independent student-run literary journal at the University of Delaware?

On Aug. 24, 2016, Rachel Curry (CAS ’17) and Jake Meizell (CAS ’18) from the Main Street Journal stopped by to chat with us about poetry in general and to encourage students and community members to submit poetry, prose, and artwork. The journal is a registered student organization (RSO) at UD in which the students select the poetry, prose, and artwork that appears in the journal and are responsible for all aspects of publication and distribution.

The best parts of this conversation were when Rachel and Jake each shared two of their poems — Rachel’s evocative personal imagery, Jake’s imagery as he thinks about the world — and then reacted to each other’s writing.

Check out this thought-provoking and entertaining conversation at the link below.

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Rachel Curry and Jake Meizell
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