Ashley Black: Question the media!

Ashley BlackUD is in for a treat on September 21 when Ashley Black, writer and cast member on Full Frontal with Samantha Bee and a regular at The Second City in Hollywood, comes to campus to participate in the Center for Political Communication’s National Agenda 2016: Road to the Presidency speaker series. If her interview for Campus Voices is any indication, her Road to the Presidency appearance is going to be amazing.

In our WVUD conversation, Ashley talks about empathy’s role in comedy, the rhetoric of politics (and the “post-fact economy”), the rhetoric of race and gender, and the need for all of us to be aware of the political agenda of all the media we consume. At one point while discussing the polarization of the political landscape, she made this astute observation:

“It’s very easy to only get the news that you want, so it’s very easy to go unchallenged in your assumptions or your beliefs because you can actually never hear the other side of the argument…. I don’t know how you can have a democracy if we aren’t having a conversation that involves everyone at the same time.”

Check out the interview linked below to hear Ashley Black’s articulate, empathetic, and very witty view of the current media and political environment.

The Interview

Ashley Black, September 21 speaker at the University of Delaware’s National Agenda 2016: Road to the Presidency series, 7:30 p.m., Mitchell Hall.
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(Recorded 9/6/16. First aired 9/15/16.)

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