#VoicesOfUDel—Equality in Higher Education

Panelist Keeley Powell
Panelist Keeley Powell
Panelists Sarah Georger (l) and Cheryl Richardson (r)
Panelists Sarah Georger (l) and Cheryl Richardson (r)

On this episode of Campus Voices, we hosted another panel discussion that continued our dialogue on diversity issues. More specifically, this #VoicesOfUDel discussion focused on diversity in higher education, some of the programs in place at the University, and what additional things the University could be doing to promote diversity.

In light of the events that took place on campus during call semester, students and faculty have come together to discuss the gap between students of the “majority” and minority students on our campus.

Furthermore, the panel spoke of what we can do as a community to welcome diversity. From looking at offers that could attract graduate students to bringing diversity to the Honors Program, the panelists discusses ways they are actively trying to seek out more diversity here on campus.

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#VoicesOfUDel Discussion #4

Panelists for #VoicesOfUDel 4

Keeley Powell, Director of Recruitment & Diversity in the Office of Graduate and Professional Education, works with all graduate programs at the University of Delaware to recruit and retain underrepresented students. She talks about the issues of attracting underrepresented students and how she as director takes necessary action to bring more diversity to the graduate programs.

Cheryl Richardson, Associate Director for the Center for Teaching and Assessment of Learning, works with Faculty and Students who are mainly enrolled in classes about teaching. Cultural competence and Implicit biases are among some of the topics discussed in the classes that she teaches. She mentions that we all have to be aware of the biases that we harbor against one another; learning to look pass those biases could help tackle the issues we have as a community facing diversity.

Sarah Georger, Co-curricular Coordinator for the Honors Program, works with students in the Honors programs. As part of the Distinguished Scholars Program, the Honors Program is able to attract some of the strongest students to UD, many of whom are underrepresented students. She is also supervising a group called Honors Mosaic, where students of color come together to discuss topics of diversity, including the recruitment and retention of underrepresented students within the Honors community.

To hear from other students and faculty members, check out the #VoicesOfUDel YouTube page.

To continue the conversation, use the twitter hashtag #VoiceOfUDel to share any insight or understanding into the issue of diversity on campus.