Peru, Violence, Gender: A Gordian Knot

Dr. Pascha Bueno-Hansen, with her new book
Dr. Pascha Bueno-Hansen, with her new book

For this episode of Campus Voices we interviewed Dr. Pascha Bueno-Hansen about her most recent book Feminist and Human Rights Struggles in Peru: Decolonizing Transitional Justice.

Sarah Craster (A&S ’16), one of our interns, helped interview Dr. Bueno-Hansen.

Although Peru’s economy has improved, the conflict has never really ended, as former combatants have transferred their skills and hostility to the drug trade, especially in the eastern Andes and Amazon.  Furthermore, the process of transitional justice may oversimplify the remnants of Spanish colonialism, including ongoing bias against indigenous peoples.

Gender issues are also entangled, due to systemic processes of gender-based violence as means of humiliation and control.  Our guest also offered insight as to the ongoing nature of sexual violence in peacetime, with a Domestic Violence Prevention and Services concentration preparing students for an entire industry of services, research, and policy.

We also discussed the effect of implicit biases on gender inclusion in the STEM fields, the interlocking nature of different prejudices, and gender and sexuality spectrums.

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Pascha Bueno-Hansen (Recorded 10/31/15; Debut 12/3/15)
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About our guest

Dr. Pascha Bueno-Hansen is an assistant professor of Women and Gender Studies at the University of Delaware and a director of its Sexuality and Gender Studies minor.  She also has joint affiliation with both the Political Science and International Relations department and the Latin American and Iberian Studies program.  She has familial connections in Peru that contributed to interest in the project, and teaches, among other classes, Cultural Introduction to Sexualities and Gender Studies (WOMS/SGST 200).

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