Students in Service

Sarah LaFave, Kathleen Luckner, and Vinu Rajendran (left to right)
Sarah LaFave, Kathleen Luckner, and Vinu Rajendran (left to right)
In this episode of Campus Voices, we spoke with two current students and one alumna — all of whose exemplary dedication to service projects in the College of Health Sciences (CHS) demonstrates the growth of service learning as part of the University of Delaware’s curriculum.

We spoke with Kathleen Luckner, CHS ’16, about her Spring Break 2014 trip to Jamaica where she was one of 14 members of UD’s School of Nursing who worked with vulnerable children at an orphanage in Kingston; Vinu Ragendran, COE ’16, who has applied his talents as a Biomedical Engineering major to a variety of projects in the CHS Infant Behavior Lab and the UD Assistive Medical Technologies student club; and Sarah LaFave, CHS ’11, who founded the Lori’s Hands service organization as a UD undergraduate and who has returned to UD to coordinate Service Learning projects in CHS.

This conversation was inspiring by itself, but taken with the other conversations we’ve had with students involved in service projects (Student engagement on campus, May 8, 2014; Engineering for the future, March 20, 2014; Engineers without borders, March 14, 2013), it is clear that Service Learning is here to stay at UD!

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Sarah LaFave, Kathleen Luckner, and Vinu Rajendran
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  • Photo by Sarah Tompkins