Photography, Phones, and People

Jon CoxJon Cox’s passions for travel, photography, social issues, teaching, and learning come together in many ways. 

In this interview, Cox discussed his upcoming MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) called, “Phoneography: The Basics of Cell Phone Photography” and the ways that photography has rapidly changed with the development of technology. He also spoke about the cultural mapping project he and other UD faculty and students are participating in, with the Ese’Eja people of Peru. The cultural mapping project is helping the Ese’Eja document their native range, their cultural traditions, and their amazing artisan work.

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About Our Guest

Jon Cox teaches documentary photography/video, digital media, and design for UD’s Art Department and is developing a new interdisciplinary cross-college design practicum. He serves as chair of the Art Department’s public relations committee and mentors summer scholars and service-learning scholars. His courses engage students with real world problems by working with community partners both locally and abroad.

Cox has photographed on all seven continents and has directed twenty study abroad programs on six continents. His study abroad destinations include Antarctica, Tanzania, Vietnam, Australia, Tasmania and Patagonia. Cox’s work aims to bring about social change at the local and global level.

Cox first appeared on Campus Voices on Sep. 25, 2012 when he talked about the Hadza hunter-gatherers of Tanzania. The goal of that collaborative project was to raise awareness about indigenous peoples’ land rights and reduce the negative stigma surrounding hunter-gatherers. Similarly, he is also a leading collaborator on the current cultural mapping of the Ese’Eja people in Peru, and plans to lead a UD class to the area in January 2015.

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Photo of Jon Cox by Sarah Tompkins