Robbie Melton: “Appologist”

Dr. Robbie Melton, Tennessee Board of Regents
During this week’s show, we spoke with Dr. Robbie Melton, Tennessee Board of Regents, one of the guest speakers coming to the UD Summer Faculty Institute.

We talked about her experience working with faculty trying to integrate new technologies in the classroom.

Elsewhere, she has said

“Integrating technology into education requires a new approach to educational change that infuses new technologies with teaching and learning. How can any educator not be inspired to develop new and exciting ways to bring learning to life for and connect the classroom with a whole world of knowledge? Educators must understand the power of this technological transformation and apply it in redesigning institutions that meet the needs of today’s learners for tomorrow’s technological workforce.”

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Robbie Melton
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About our Guest

Dr. Robbie Melton serves as the Tennessee Board of Regents chief administrator for mobilization initiatives.

Mobilization (the use of smart phones, tablets and mobile apps) has impacted every facet of education from PreK-Ph.D. and the workplace across the globe.

She works with faculty and student use of mobile devices as they relate to teaching and learning.

Dr. Melton has published and presented around the nation about the impact and value of mobilization for education and the workforce.

She has acquired a new distinction as an “Appologist”, due to her study of pedagogy and best teaching practices with mobilization, quality standards for mobile apps, and for her creation of the Mobile App Education and Workforce Resource Center (50,000+ apps that have been aligned with over 95 subject areas).

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