Shooting the Breeze with Cristina Archer

Cristina Archer - College of Earth, Ocean & Environment
Cristina Archer – College of Earth, Ocean & Environment
We continue our Earth Week celebration, talking with faculty members from the College of Earth, Ocean and Environment.

Did you know that off-shore wind farms could lessen the effect of a hurricane when it comes ashore?

That’s one of the topics we discussed with Associate Professor Cristina Archer, an expert on the use of wind energy and on the policy issues surrounding the use of wind power. She has published multiple studies about the viability of and the effects of wind power and has worked with the US Department of Energy.

During the interview, we talk about the current state of wind energy in the United States, Prof. Archer’s experiences studying it, and what sort of advances have been made in recent years from both social and engineering points of view. We also discuss how wind turbines work, what potential still remains untapped–especially in the northeastern United States–and we discuss and dispel some common misconceptions that people have about wind power.

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Cristina Archer, CEOE
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About our Guest

Cristina Archer is an associate professor of Physical Ocean Science and Engineering from the College of Earth, Ocean and Environment. Her research interests include renewable energy, wind power, meteorology, climate change, air quality, and numerical modeling of atmospheric processes. She has studied the effects of offshore wind turbines on wind and storm surges during hurricanes and teaches about meteorology, physical ocean sciences, and engineering.

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