FIFA World Cup 2014: Dissecting the Draw

Panel for our discussion of the World Cup draw.What a roster of experts! What a fantastic World Cup it will be in summer 2014!

Our experts, from left to right were Alex Brown, BUAD; Scott Grzenda, UD Women’s Soccer coach; Adam Bitar, UD class of 2015 (ENG); Babatunde Ogunnaike, Dean of UD’s College of Engineering; and Alex Keen, University Student Centers.

Germany and Brazil got a lot of respect from our panel, but, alas, the group concluded that the US soccer team’s chances are not very bright. We hardly talked about defending champion Spain, perhaps because Brazil thrashed them 3-0 in the summer 2013 Confederations Cup. Some of the other teams the panel picked to do well included Belgium, Nigeria, Argentina, and France, with a minority report indicating that Mexico and England could make some noise.

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Panel Discussion of 2014 FIFA World Cup Draw
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