Tweets & other tech create enthusiasm inside & outside the classroom

Prof. Anu Sivaraman is @BlueHenProf!
Prof. Anu Sivaraman, Business Administration, is @BlueHenProf on twitter!
Assistant Professor Anuradha Sivaraman, Business Administration, is one of the most enthusiastic users of twitter on the UD campus. During this conversation, Anu talked with us about twitter increasing student participation in her courses, student engagement with class material outside of class time, and student enthusiasm for the subject matter.

She also spoke about her use of the Canvas learning management system, assessing student learning when she presents material via social media–or when students share material with each other, and several practical tips for using technology to enhance students’ learning.

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Anu Sivaraman, Business Administration
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About our guest

Anu Sivaraman, Assistant Professor, Business Administration, received her PhD in Marketing from the University of Houston in 2004. She began teaching at UD that fall and has garnered a reputation as one of the most enthusiastic teachers students will encounter. She is continually looking for ways to engage her students with the course material in her marketing classes. She was also one of the “early adopters” for teaching marketing classes that focus on Internet applications. Because of her use of technology, personally and professionally, she brings a unique perspective to her teaching and is a “natural” at mentoring other faculty in innovative uses of technology for student engagement and learning outcomes.

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