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Benjamin Fleury-Steiner talked about his book Disposable Heroes: The Betrayal of African American Veterans. As a military veteran himself, he knows the difficulty some veterans have integrating back into society after a tour of combat duty. He became particularly interested in how African American veterans fared upon their return from combat since the 1960s; hence, the book Disposable Heroes. Since this interview aired during Black History Month, Fleury-Steiner also talked about how African American veterans have been treated after all wars America has fought–going back to the Revolutionary War.

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Benjamin Fleury-Steiner
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Associate professor in the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice, Benjamin Fleury-Steiner was an enlisted Military Police Officer of Operation Desert Storm from 1990-1993. Additionally, he is a coeditor of The New Civil Rights Research, a Choice Outstanding Academic Title and author of Disposable Heroes: The Betrayal of African American Veterans. His research interests include the sociology of race relations, military veterans, qualitative life history analysis and mass imprisonment and the death penalty. Fleury-Steiner received his doctorate at Northeastern University and joined the UD faculty in 2000.

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Photo Credit: Evan Krape, UD OCM