Campus Coalition for Wellbeing and Mental Health



The Campus Coalition for Wellbeing and Mental Health (CCWMH) is committed to creating the conditions that foster effective thinking, intentional decision making, and a holistic approach to wellbeing—We have a wellbeing philosophy that allows students and employees to flourish and achieve their full potential for the benefit of themselves, the organization and the communities we touch.  Our commitment is to facilitate holistic development and endeavors to help all Blue Hens thrive now and throughout their lives.  


Our Mission

To advance wellbeing at the University of Delaware, the coalition constructs and maintains a comprehensive framework that supports innovations and opportunities for communication, education, services and policy development. The coalition works to enlist perspectives from all students, faculty, staff, alumni and families in the work necessary to enhance their own individual wellbeing and that of others, as well as the collective wellbeing of the entire UD community.

A message from the co-chairs


We all have a hand in shaping campus environments that support health, wellbeing and sustainability. Our goal is to champion wellbeing here at UD so we can build equitable communities with a deep sense of belonging.  Its pursuit strives to ensure that all Blue Hens thrive! – Beth Finkle and Adam D. Cantley, coalition co-chairs

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Who we are

Key staff and student stakeholders, led through the Division of Student Life and Employee Health and Wellbeing in conjunction with campus partners

What we do

Pursue campus conditions which foster effective thinking, intentional decision making, and a holistic approach to wellbeing

How it works

Four subgroups advance changes in strategy, services, education and messaging that help the broader community understand and pursue wellbeing

You can help

All Blue Hens should understand how UD defines and pursues wellbeing, and can also take an active role by joining the coalition

Leadership and Framework

The coalition is chaired by dean of students, Adam D. Cantley, and director of employee health and wellbeing, Beth Finkle. It includes a campuswide cohort that all interested students and staff can join, and four subgroups:

Communication Strategy & Best Practice

Co-chair: Kathy Wheatley


Co-chairs: Helen Ann Lawless, Adam Foley

Services & Resources

Co-chairs: Katie Rizzo, Ryan Shuler

Strategic Change & Policy Development

Co-chair: Betsy Reed

Get Involved

See what’s on our horizon and get the tools you need to enhance wellbeing in your area

Undeniably Well Podcast

Conversations with UD experts spark curiosity, inspire exploration, and enhance your investment in yourself and others.
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