Teaching Classes

Current Classes at the University of Delaware

Fall 2014

GEOG 372 Introduction to GIS (U)

GEOG 670 Geographic Information System (G)

GEOG 4/671 Advanced GIS (U/G)

Spring 2015

GEOG 4/672 Web GIS GEOG4673-Course_Description (U/G)

GEOG 372 – 010/011 Introduction to GIS (U)


Classes Taught

Portland State University

GEOG 4/595 Maps, Models, and GIS (U/G)

GEOG 4/596 Visualization Spatial Data (U/G)

GEOG 4/588 Geographic Information Systems I (U/G)

GEOG 4/510 Advanced LiDAR Analysis Applications (U/G)


University of South Florida

GEO 6908 Independent Study

GEO 6119Web GIS (G)

GIS 6306 Environmental Applications in GIS: (Geospatial Technology and LiDAR Analysis)

GIS 4043 Geographic Information Systems (U)

GIS 3006 Computer Cartography (U)

GEO 3164 Research Methods in Geography (U)


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