GIS and Geospatial Data Sources

GIS and Remote Sensing Data Sources

DE GIS Clearing Houses

  1. Delaware Geospatial Data Exchange: (Need an account)

Welcome to the Delaware Geospatial Data Exchange. The Data Exchange is an application designed to facilitate the sharing of geospatial data and information within the State of Delaware. This application is accessible to the public for browsing, and anyone can request access to download data.

  1. First Map:

The First State’s enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS). FirstMap is the realization of the vision of the Delaware GIS Community for a self-service GIS for sharing data among State organizations, academia, local governments and the general public. It was designed and built through a collaborative effort to meet a wide variety of needs for a diverse group of users.

  1. New Castle County: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Map Viewer

  1. Kent County: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Map Viewer

  1. Sussex County Online Mapping Site

  1. Delaware Environmental Monitoring & Analysis Center (Delaware Base map, Hydrologic, Aerial Photography and others)

  1. UD Library: Delaware Maps and Spatial Data-sets

  1. Delaware 1868 Hundreds Maps

  1. Cancer Rates by Census Tract


Neighbor States

  1. Pennsylvania: PASDA:
  2. New Jersey: NJGIN:
  3. Maryland:MSGIC:

Maryland 2-meter DEMs (by request)

  1. Virginia: VGIN:


Federal Domains

  1. American FactFinder and TIGER
  1. USGS The National Map Viewer:
  2. USDA NRCS Geospatial Data Gateway:


Sea level Rise Sites

  1. Delaware Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment:
  2. NOAA SLR and Coastal Flooding Impacts Viewer:
  3. NOAA Storm Surge Inundation (SLOSH Maximum of Maximums)
  1. NOAA Coastal Flood Exposure Mapper
  1. FirstMap/Delaware SLR Viewer (using the same data from the DE Vulnerability Assessment)
  1. Climate Central Surging Seas for DE
  1. Sea Level Rise Inundation Maps
  2. State of Delaware : 2100 Sea Level Rise Scenarios
  3. Summary of Water Conditions in Delaware | The Delaware Geological Survey


Lidar Data Sources

  1. Open Topography:
  2. USGS Earth Explorer:
  3. USGS National Map Viewer:
  1. NOAA Digital Coast:

The other place you might look for US public domain data is the US Interagency Elevation Inventory ( That provides a map interface and links to data sets available from a number of different distributors, including USGS, NOAA, OT, and many others.

  1. LA stool:
  2. ICEBRIDGE LiDAR for ftp download
  2. Other states: National Lidar Dataset (United States)


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