Steve Kramarck Represents UD on EGF Board of Governors

by | Feb 16, 2021

In December of 2020, the Electronic Gaming Federation (EGF), announced its new Board of Governors. University of Delaware’s very own Steve Kramarck was elected to the board. He, and six other leaders from various universities were appointed in order to develop the esports industry on the collegiate level. 

Kramarck, program director for UD’s Esports, helps to coordinate getting the teams into various leagues, scheduling tournaments, recruiting players and making sure eligibility is met. Kramarck describes it as a similar position to an Athletic Director. 

“I’m excited to join the Board of Governors and look forward to EGF continuing its growth in the collegiate esports space,” says Kramarck in his interview with EGF.

The EGF is one of the governing bodies for all Division I esports through high school and college. Their mission is to support the infrastructure of the sport and advocate for students.

The Board of Governors was nominated by their peers, and then elected into their positions. With the support of Tony Doody, Director of University Student Centers, Kramarck sought the position. As part of the election process, he was asked to outline his qualifications, and what he would bring to the board.

Doody, who was an integral part of bringing esports to UD said, “I am excited that Steve was chosen to be on the board of EGF. I am confident that Steve’s commitment to student development, wellness, and leadership will inform his decision making and help shape a bright and exciting future for varsity esports on the national stage.”

Kramarck’s background and experience in broadcasting, media relations, communication and sports management is well-suited to EGF’s mission to expand the development of collegiate esports. “While this is an honor for me personally, it also provides a chance to shine a spotlight on our program and represent it at a high level,” says Kramarck.” Delaware is positioned to be a national leader in esports and this honor is another step toward that goal.”

Kramarck began his three year term in December. He and the other governors will work on advancing the EGF at all levels while creating more education around issue of diversity and inclusion.

The EGF hopes to grow its Board of Governors to 21 people. Their hope is to include as many schools as possible as the league continues to grow. 

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