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Featured |  “Ballerina” by Lindsay Marrione, winner of the May Art Contest.

May’s Art Contest theme was Inspiration. “This piece is a tribute to all of the ballerinas out there. I have been dancing for what feels like my whole life, and I have so much respect for these people. Ballet dancers are one of my biggest inspirations because of the skill and discipline they learn over several years of practice.” – Lindsay Marrione

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Dancer's Arch

Carina Christenbury
Photography, 2020
55mm w/ zoom, Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi camera body, f/5.6, 1/40sec, ISO-100

Major: Natural Resource Management
Graduation Year: 2023

The model, in a layered, flowing, and lacy dress, dips her well-used dancer’s toes in a pond in February of 2020. The point where her toe touches the water is centered in the frame, allowing ample room for her reflection. The contrast of the white dress, lively skin tone, and void-esque pond water contribute to a fantastical, otherworldly scene.

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