Thomas Buckley, Ed.D., ATC

Dr. Buckley is an Associate Professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Applied Physiology as well as the Biomechanics and Movement Science (BIOMS) program at the University of Delaware.  Prior to arriving at UD, Dr. Buckley was an Associate Professor in the Department of Health and Kinesiology at Georgia Southern (2007-2014).  Previously, Dr. Buckley was an Assistant Professor in the CAAHEP/CAATE accredited Athletic Training program at Dominican College (2001 – 2007) in Orangeburg NY and had served as an Adjunct Instructor in the Physical Education program at the City University of New York – Hunter College (1997 – 2001).  Dr. Buckley his doctorate in Applied Physiology from Columbia University’s Teachers College (2007), is master’s degree in Athletic Training from Indiana State University (1997), and his bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training from Springfield College (1995).  Dr. Buckley’s primary research interests are in the medium- and long-term neurological effects of collision sports participation and their associated repetitive head impacts as well as elucidating the relationship between concussion and subsequent musculoskeletal injury. Additionally, Dr. Buckley works closely with the University of Delaware Athletic Department and Athletic Training staff on concussion management of the student-athletes. Dr. Buckley has over 130 peer-reviewed publications and has been awarded nearly $3 million dollars in research funding from National Institute of Health/Neurological Disorders and Stroke, the Office of Naval Research, the NCAA/DoD CARE project, the Delaware Economic Development Office, the Army Research Office, and research contacts with industry partners. Google Scholar Link

Graduate Students


Caitlin Gallo​, B.S.

Caitlin is a 2nd year doctoral student in the Biomechanics and Movement Science (BIOMS) program at the University of Delaware. Caitlin earned her Bachelor of Science in Applied Exercise Science from the University of New England where her research focused on repetitive head impacts, neck strength, and blood brain biomarker with collegiate ice hockey athletes in relation to concussions under the direction of Dr. John Rosene. Caitlin’s research interest is focused on the long-term effects of repetitive head impacts in the ice hockey population. Google Scholar Link.

Scott Passalugo

Scott is a first year doctoral student in the Biomechanics and Movement Science (BIOMS) program at the University of Delaware.  Scott earned his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from the University of Delaware in 2020 where he also worked in the Concussion Research Laboratory.  After graduation, Scott worked as a Clinical Research Assistant for two years at the Micheli Center at Boston Children’s Hospital under the direction of Bill Meehan, MD. Google Scholar Link.

Undergraduate Students

Radhika Thakkar

Radhika is a junior Exercise Science major with a minor in Strength and Conditioning from Emerson, New Jersey. Radhika plans on going to physical therapy school after graduation. Outside of academics, she is a very big fan of basketball and football.

Lauren Cardon

Lauren is a freshman Human Physiology (Pre-Med) student originally from River Edge, NJ.  After graduation, Lauren wants to go to Medical School.  Outside of the lab, Lauren is a member of the Harrington Theatre Arts Club.

Recent Alumni – Graduate Students

Kelsey Bryk, Ph.D.
Clinical Research Associate, Neurotrack

Jessie Oldham, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Virginia Commonwealth University

Katherine Breedlove, Ph.D.
Research Associate at Harvard Medical School

Katherine Hunzinger, Ph.D., CEP

Assistant Professor, Department of Exercise Science, Thomas Jefferson University

Chelsea Best, M.S., ATC
Associate Athletic Trainer, Mississippi State University

Steven Browne, M.S., ATC
Athletic Trainer, Rutgers University

Lauren (Kriebel) DiCerchio, M.S., ATC
Athletic Trainer, Tower Health Medicine Group


Melissa Anderson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Ohio University

Recent Alumni – Undergraduate Students

Eduardo Arocha, B.S
Physical Therapist, Jefferson Abington Hospital

Katelyn Costantini, B.S. in Exercise Science
Physical Therapy student at Drexel University

Stephen East, B.S. in Exercise Science
Physical Therapist, ATI Physical Therapy

Emma Fink, B.S. in Neuroscience
Physician Assistant, St. Luke’s Orthopedics

Alissa Strouse, B.S. in Exercise Science
Exercise Technician at Christiana Care Rehabilitation Center

Joana Opong Duah, B.S. Neuroscience and Psychology

Research Assistant, University of Pennsylvania

Jake Nimeh, B.S.

Medical Student, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Madison Page, B.S. Sports Health

Graduate Student, UD Athletic Training Program


Yong Woo An, Ph.D., ATC, Loyola Marymount University

Christine Baugh, Colorado Children’s Hospital

Katherine Breedlove, Ph.D., ATC, Research Associate at Harvard Medical School

Jaclyn Caccese, Ph.D., The Ohio State University – School of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences

Sara P. Chrisman, MD, MPH, University of Washington

Jay Clugston, MD, University of Florida

John Dobson, Ph.D., Georgia Southern University

Eric E. Hall, Ph.D. Elon University

Matt Hoch, Ph.D., ATC, University of Kentucky

David Howell, Ph.D., ATC, University of Colorado Denver – Medical Campus

Zachery Kerr, Ph.D., MPH, University of North Carolina

Caroline Ketcham, Ph.D., Elon University

Inga Koerte, MD, Ludwig Maximillains University – Munchen, Germany

Anthony Kontos, Ph.D, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Alexander Lin, Ph.D., Harvard Medical School/Psychiatry Neuroimaging Lab

Robert Lynall, Ph.D., ATC, University of Georgia

Timothy Mauntel, Ph.D., Walter Reed National Medical Center

William Meehan, MD, Boston Children’s Hospital

Barry A. Munkasy, Ph.D., Georgia Southern University

Nicholas Murray, Ph.D., University of Nevada, Reno

Justus Ortega, Ph.D., Humboldt State University

Kara Radzak, Ph.D. University of Nevada Las Vegas

Julianne D. Schmidt, Ph.D., ATC University of Georgia

Alexandra M. Stillman, MD, Beth Isreal Deaconess/Harvard Medical School

Srikant Vallabhajosula, Ph.D., Elon University

Frank Wang, MD, Harvard University

Erik Wikstrom, Ph.D., ATC, University of North Carolina

Scott Zuckerman, MD, MPH, Vanderbilt University Medical Center