17 Gold Items


1. Attend graduation and get inducted into the UD Alumni Association.
Before throwing your cap in the air, take a moment to enjoy your capstone collegiate achievement of becoming a UD alum by walking at graduation.

2. Attend Alumni Weekend.
Whether you’re catching up with old classmates or still celebrating graduation, Alumni Weekend has something for everyone. From attending Mug Night to returning to the residence halls it’s all about celebrating being a Blue Hen for life.

3. Come back for Homecoming.
Remember how much fun you used to have at the Delaware football games? Well now it’s time to dust off that Flacco jersey and grab some old friends before heading to your alma mater for a school-spirited weekend.

4. Write a thank you note to a professor or adviser.
Show your appreciation with a good old-fashioned thank you note, which you can send along to that professor or advisor who wrote you an awesome recommendation letter or maybe helped you out before a hard exam.

5. Donate to your Senior Class Gift.
Even a “broke college student” can dig up some extra change to give back to the place they call home. Choose any organization or academic program that impacted your years at UD and send a donation their way so they can continue to thrive.

6. Attend the Senior Fling.
Take some time off from typical weekend activities for a night on The Green with your soon-to-be graduating classmates. Free food and awesome live music included!

7. Take a picture at a fountain on campus.
Get your picture taken with one of the beautiful fountains on campus. Don’t forget to enjoy the water!

8. Sing karaoke with your peers.
Sing your heart out on stage with your friends. Talent is preferred, but not required!

9. Enjoy live music and learn the history of The Deer Park Tavern.
“End your week on a happy “note” with some live music at Deer Park. You
might even find yourself enjoying the show where Edgar Allen Poe himself once stood!

10. Get involved or attend an event with a local alumni club or regional organization.
From New York to California, Blue Hens love gathering across the country (and even internationally!). Find your roost wherever you end up after graduation.

11. Volunteer your time as an alum.
There are many ways to continue your Blue Hen legacy and giving back is definitely one of them! Whether it’s through UD’s Day of Service or other university-sponsored events, dare to volunteer.

12. Visit Main street with your fellow senior classmates.
Make your way down Main Street and stop at some classic, late-night establishments with friends in your major, former floormates or your favorite student group. We definitely recommend matching T-shirts!

13. Decorate your cap or wear a stole at graduation.
Take your pleasantly plain cap and gown to the next level. There are stoles for everything from study abroad to Greek life, but if you want to add some serious flare, bedazzling your cap never hurt anybody.

14. Reconnect with an old roommate or classmate.
Whether you are remembering the way you decorated your dorm room or reminiscing about the time your professor held class outside, catching up with a past friend is the perfect way to relive and appreciate the good ol’ days.

15. Get together and take a picture outside your old residence hall or plan a reunion with your freshmen floor. 
Take a trip down memory lane and get everyone together again from your first residence hall community. Contact the Residence Hall Coordinator to reserve space in your old stomping grounds for your reunion.

16. Take a picture with your department building sign.
Find a building on campus that is near and dear to your heart and snap a picture.

17. Mentor a Blue Hen.
Once a Blue Hen, always a Blue Hen. There are countless ways to lend a hand to your fellow classmates and alumni in Newark and beyond, but giving some advice to someone following in your footsteps is always a good start.