The Bucket List is sponsored by UD’s Student Alumni Ambassadors and the Office of Alumni Relations and encompasses 60 items that are truly unique to the University of Delaware. These items have been further broken down into 17 gold items and 43 blue items to reflect our founding year of 1743. Read below for more details.

17 Gold
These 17 items are ones that can be completed senior year and beyond. They bring the list full circle and encourage you to consider your role as a Blue Hen during your closing undergraduate years as well as after graduation.

43 Blue
These 43 items are the ones that can be completed at any time during your career as a Blue Hen. A freshman who just arrived yesterday or even an alumni who graduated many years ago can easily find pride and success by completing any of these.

SAFETY: While we, the Student Alumni Ambassadors and the Alumni Relations staff, do encourage school spirit when completing the Bucket List and creativity when taking pictures for submission to the Bucket List photo section, the University of Delaware is not liable for any injuries sustained in the process. We are confident that each of the items can be completed in a safe and legal manner.
ALCOHOL: We also understand that some places at which certain Bucket List items can be completed do serve alcohol. We do not condone underage consumption and remind students who are 21 and opt to consume, to do so in a responsible and safe manner.
PRIVACY: We do not store any of your personal information other than what you submit when you contribute photos, if you opt to do so. The purpose of this information is to credit the creative property and do not sell or share personal information of this nature with any third parties.