Delaware Charity Challenge is a centralized fundraising and athletic competition designed to give participating charities and teams the ability to access all the DCC-1pjkve4benefits of participating in a fundraising event, such as a 5K, without incurring the same overhead costs and logistical nightmares commonly associated with putting such an event together internally. The result is that participating teams (and nonprofits) can concentrate their fundraising efforts in a fun and compelling way. Delaware Charity Challenge is an effort developed by Innovincent, a Delaware-based strategic management consulting firm that specializes in working with nonprofits and businesses with fundraising, governance, event planning, and other marketing issues, and others to make traditional, individually-focused fundraising events, like a 5K, more team-based, efficient, cost-effective, and fun for everyone involved.


UD stadiumThis year, the University of Delaware Sport Management Program joins the Delaware Charity Challenge as a sport event management consultant for the Adventure Challenge Relay. As an effort to provide real-world, experiential learning opportunities, Dr. Newland’s Sport Event and Facility Management class has been tasked with the planning and execution of the Adventure Challenge Relay. The University of Delaware sport management students will plan and execute the event from start to finish. The class Dr. Newland has developed enables sport management students to expand their knowledge of the management of sport events and facilities. Students also learn skills such as proper planning and staging of events, designing the experience, sponsor acquisition, marketing and promotions, budgeting, logistics and risk management. The partnership with the Delaware Charity Challenge enables students to learn the event management process and work closely with a business client in order to build the necessary skills to produce a sport event.