The Adventure Challenge Relay (ACR) is a fun and competitive endurance event taking place at the Brandywine Creek State Park in Wilmington, Delaware on April 30, 2016!

What is the ACR?
The ACR consists of a 5k course with a number of physical and mental obstacles. The ACR challenges a pair’s physical and mental abilities in a string of challenges as they run through the park. This year we’re revamping the course to make it more fun and challenging for the participants. Pairs can compete independently (just the two of you) in three different divisions: all-female, all-male, or co-ed.

Team up!
Don’t want to just compete as a pair? Well, great because you can form teams up to 10 athletes (5 pairs) to compete in one of the following categories: University or Open Division. The winning team from each of the competitive races will win great prizes including support for your designated charity. For example, in 2015, winners of the Adventure Relay won an additional $100 for their designated beneficiaries.

Still have questions?
For more information, check out the event info pages!