About This Project

The purpose of this website is to support the (3) Delaware Broadband Technology Planning Teams. The Broadband Data Improvement Act authorizes grants to create and facilitate local technology planning teams. The State of Delaware has identified three broadband user groups to be targeted: local governments, small businesses, and agriculture.

The University of Delaware’s Institute for Public Administration (IPA) is engaging representatives of each of these three groups, who, as members of “technology planning teams,” will help to identify:

1. Issues affecting the deployment and full use of broadband.

2. Broadband best practices for their community of interest.

3. Potential projects for expanding the use and deployment of broadband in these communities.

Anyone interested in participating in this broadband technology planning endeavor is encouraged to contact IPA Broadband Project Team Leader Troy Mix at mix@udel.edu.

Source: http://youtu.be/QYf2AVCdzZw

Visit broadband.delaware.gov

In mid-December 2009, the State of Delaware was awarded funds to research and publish broadband options for its citizens. Governor Jack Markell designated the Department of Technology and Information (DTI) as the agency to receive, apply, and implement the funds, according to the guidelines and mandates of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA).

Source: Delaware Department of Technology and Information

In 2010, the broadband mapping portion of this program was initiated by DTI, consisting  of data collection, the development of a statewide broadband availability map, transmission of that data to NTIA for the development of its national broadband map, and the long-term maintenance of this data    by the state.

To date, DTI, working with selected vendors, has provided NTIA with two data sets that include Broadband Providers and Community Anchor Institutions (K-12 schools, universities, libraries, etc.) in Delaware. DTI has also created an interactive map for citizen use, to identify Broadband coverage based on citizen-entered parameters.

Maryland Broadband Cooperative

To accompany the Delaware Broadband Map application, the Maryland Broadband Mapping Team has generously allowed the use of it’s broadband site content in the Citizens, Businesses, Speed Test, FAQ, and Home pages.


The American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA) directed the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) to develop and maintain a comprehensive nationwide inventory map of broadband service capability and availability and to make the map publicly available via the Internet. NTIA awarded grants to all 50 states to collect and verify statewide data about the availability, speed, and location of broadband Internet.

This data collection is to be conducted on a semi-annual basis over a two-year period, with the data to be presented in a clear and accessible format to the public, government, and the research community. NTIA will use the data collected by grantees, in combination with other data sources, to create and publish the National Broadband Map online by February 17, 2011.

Goals of the Project

  • Provide bi-annual updates to the NTIA
  • Provide a Mapping Application for public use
  • Lead planning activities

How Will Delaware Accomplish These Goals?

  • Continue data collection for the upcoming bi-annual updates, which includes data from Broadband Providers and Community Anchor Institutions
  • Create an Interactive Map for use by citizens, business, local governments, and legislature for identifying broadband coverage in respective areas
  • Partnership with University of Delaware for the broadband planning activities

How is the Delaware Department of Technology and Information (DTI) Involved?

In 2009, DTI applied for the grant and received funding for the Broadband Project. DTI has been involved in the application submission for the grant, assignment of vendors, project management, and sponsorship of the effort.

Grant Information

The NTIA began a program for Broadband improvement in the Fall of 2008, and funding for the program was provided under the ARRA of 2009. Under the ARRA, the NTIA was tasked with creating a national broadband inventory map within 2 years of the signing of the Act. This program includes funding for the development and maintenance of the national map, as well as programs to develop and expand broadband services to areas without service and to and to under served areas.

To meet the goals set forth in the ARRA, the NTIA released a Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) in the summer of 2009. Within the NOFA, states were required to designate an entity to apply for, and manage, the funds to collect broadband data for use in the National Map, and were encouraged to create a State broadband coverage map. Governor Jack Markell designated DTI as the agency to apply for the grant. More information about the grant can be obtained from the NTIA website.

Federal Register Notice of Funding Availability