Thomas Hardy 1840-1928

Thomas Hardy Time line Biography.

1840: Thomas Hardy was born on June 2nd, in Higher Bockhampton.
1848 -1856: Hardy was attending school.
1856: Hardy was involved in architect school met and studied with Horace Moule.
1862: Hardy travelled to London and worked with Arthur Blomfield. It was in London that he attended an Exhibiton and started writing poetry.
1865: Hardy published his first article, “How I Built Myself a House.”
1867: Hardy returned to Dorset and wrote The Poor Man and the Lady a novel that was never published.
1870: Was the year Hardy met Emma Lavinia Gifford.
1871-1873: Desperate Remedies, Under the Greenwood Tree, and A Pair of Blue Eyes published respectively.
1873: Hardy left architecture to become full-time writer.
1874-76: The year Hardy married Emma and The Hand of Ethelberta was published.
1878: The Return of the Native published and was among successful novels that made Hardy celebrity
1880-83: The Trumpet-Major, A Laodicean and Two on a Tower published respectively a year apart.
1886: Hardy moved into Max Gate. The Mayor of Casterbridge published.
1887-88: The Woodlanders and Wessex Tales short stories published
1891: Noble Dames and Tess of the d’Urbervilles published
1892: Hardy’s father passed away. He begun serialization The Pursuit of the Well-Beloved.
1893: Meets Florence Henniker.
1894-97: Life’s Little Ironies was published and The Well-Beloved appeared in volume form.
1898: Hardy’s first volume of poems, Wessex Poems, appears in an edition of only 500 copies. He stopped writing novels.
1902: Poems of the Past and Present, Hardy’s second volume as a poet, is published.
1903:- 96: Hardy worked on The Dynasts (epic trilogy).
1910: Hardy receives the Order of Merit and the Freedom of Dorchester.
1912: Emma Hardy’s wife dies.
1913: A Changed Man was published. Hardy makes a pilgrimage to the sites of his first wife Emma.
1914: Satires of Circumstance are published. It contains the “Poems of 1912-13,” written in memory of Emma.
1914: Hardy marries Florence Dugdale. World War I broke up, contributing to Hardy’s pessimism.
1917-23: Moments of Vision, Late Lyrics and Earlier, and The Famous Tragedy of the Queen of Cornwall published.
1925: Hardy is said to have been working on his autobiography, published posthumously under Florence’s name.
1928: Hardy dies. His ashes are buried in Poet’s Corner, Westminster Abbey, and his heart is buried in Emma’s grave. Winter Words and Hardy’s autobiography is published posthumously.


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