Baby Farmers

Image Source: The Ultimate History Project

The term baby farmer refers to a female who cares for the children of another women for payment. Although mothers believed their children were under good care with these women, children were in fact, often mistreated. Many looked down upon women who gave up their children, especially infants who were breast-fed by a women other than their mother. There were instances where baby farmers would neglect the children, or some would go as far as murdering the children to avoid the struggles of caring for them. These women were convicted for murder or criminal neglect and were hanged. Years later, there were laws passed, such as the Infant Life Protection Act and Children Act of 1908, to place foster care under state government protection. Baby farming wаѕ а horrific English practice whісh tооk advantage оf mothers desperate tо give thеіr children а bеttеr life in the Victorian Age (The Victorian Baby Farmers).

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