The multi-disciplinary research team affiliated with the Center conducts research in the following general areas of bridge engineering:

  • Analysis and Design
  • Advanced Materials
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)
  • Advanced Sensors
  • Asset Management
  • Hydraulics
  • Geotechnical Engineering

Current Projects

  • Exploration of Video-Based Structural Health Monitoring Techniques; Thomas Schumacher and Nakul Ramanna; Rutgers Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation University Transportation Center (CAIT-UTC); Duration: 09/01/2013-08/31/2014; (Journal Article).
  • Multi-Sensor Sheets Based on Large-Scale Electronics for Advanced Structural Health Monitoring of Civil Infrastructure; Branko Glisic (Princeton University), Thomas Schumacher, and Raimondo Betti (Columbia University); Funding: CAIT-UTC; Duration: 01/0/12013-05/30/2014.
  • Capacity of Reinforced Concrete Moment Frame Culverts; Thomas Schumacher; Funding: DelDOT; Duration: 09/01/2012-08/31/2014.

Completed Projects

  • Development of rapid assessment tools for structural parts after extreme events using stress wave methods; Thomas Schumacher and Nii Attoh-Okine; Funding UD-UTC; Duration: 09/01/2011-08/31/2013.
  • Structural Health Monitoring of Concrete Structures Using Quantitative Acoustic Emission Methods; Thomas Schumacher; Funding: UDRF; 06/01/2011-05/31/2013.