The Center has access to a wide range of up-to-date testing facilities, material characterization laboratories, and sensing and testing equipment within the University of Delaware.

The Structural Laboratory

The department of Civil and Environmental Engineering‘s Structural Laboratory is located in 180 DuPont Hall and offers the following equipment for large-scale testing of bridge components:

  • 95 x 40 ft. high bay structural laboratory with 5 ton overhead crane
  • Strong floor with several steel frames for large-scale testing
  • MTS hydraulic pump
  • MTS FlexTest controllers
  • (3) 150 kip MTS actuators with load cells
  • (2) 55 kip MTS actuators with load cells
  • (2) 20 kip Gilmore actuators with load cells
  • Concrete testing machine
  • (3) Tinius universal testing machines (400/200/20 kip)
  • 20 kip Instron testing machine
  • (2) center hole jacks (200/100 kip)
  • 40-channel Vishay data acquisition system

The Center for Composite Materials (CCM)

Founded in 1974, the University of Delaware Center for Composite Materials (CCM) is an internationally recognized center of excellence in composites research and education. The CCM’s 34,000-square-foot composites manufacturing science laboratory houses some $15 million worth of manufacturing, chemical characterization, mechanical testing, microscopy, and computational equipment. Laboratories within CCM include the Manufacturing Science Laboratory, Mechanical Characterization Laboratory, Chemical Characterization Laboratory, Surface Analysis Laboratory, Non-Destructive Evaluation Laboratory and Textile Structures Laboratory. (Equipment)

The NDT Laboratory

The department of Civil and Environmental Engineering‘s NDT Laboratory offers a range of up-to-date non-destructive testing and sensing equipment.