The College of Engineering offers a variety of structures- and materials-related courses applicable to the field of bridge engineering:

  • CIEG402 Introduction to Sustainability Principles in Civil Engineering
  • CIEG408/608 Introduction to Bridge Design
  • CIEG409 Forensic Engineering
  • CIEG604 Prestressed Concrete Design
  • CIEG611 Structural Dynamics Design
  • CIEG612 Advanced Mechanics of Materials
  • CIEG641 Risk Analysis
  • CIEG655 Civil Infrastructure Systems
  • CIEG667 Bridge Analysis
  • CIEG667 Bridge Design II
  • CIEG667 Non-destructive Testing for Civil Engineers
  • CIEG667 Structural Design for Extreme Events
  • CIEG802 Advanced Steel Design
  • CIEG811 Advanced Structural Dynamics
  • MEEG617 Composite Materials

Research Assistantships

Students affiliated with the Center have the opportunity to participate in multidisciplinary research teams that include university faculty members, government agency representatives, and industrial partners, to explore new frontiers in bridge engineering.

Continuing Education

The Center organizes short courses, seminars, and symposia to provide continuing education benefits to its partners and the bridge engineering community at large.