Spectroscopic & Plasmonic Design via Chemo/Technometrics

Fundamental research into the optical theory of planar and periodically corrugated materials for plasmonic sensing has been a topic of interest for our group. We previously focused on experimental approaches to assess whether or not a single material, polyaniline, could host surface plasmon resonances.1-2 Recently, we have found promising matrix decompositions and hierarchies, which enable the classification of resonant modes in most any simulated material.3 These methods allow for the discovery and optimization of the properties to improve effective materials for surface plasmon resonance sensors,4 and potentially other optical phenomena which may be exploited for sensing purposes (i.e. brewster modes). The method of choice for these optimization problems has proven to be the coupling of a particle swarm optimization algorithm based on chemomicry5 and a novel method for spatial partitioning. The spatial partitioning method may also have applications for autonomous sensor networks, developed in collaboration with a student of Dr. S. D. Brown (University of Delaware).6

From the mathematical themes in the aforementioned works, novel efforts toward calibration transfer of near infrared spectra have also been furnished. One of the most promising methods we have developed so far is based on Möbius and affine mappings of interoferograms.7 We hope to show with a data-set collected in collaboration with a student of Dr. S. D. Brown that this technique can be optimized to correct for optical deviations between instruments, which traditional standardization methods cannot.


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