There are a number of resource guides available to assist advisors and other BHSC users. Users are encouraged to review the guides as well as the numerous EAB tutorials provided within the platform’s Help Center. For additional assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact Naomi Nash at


BHSC Resources

The BHSC Resources link above will provide UD faculty and staff access to the resources listed below via UD login through ConnectingU. If you are a UD faculty or staff member that does not have access to login, please contact Naomi Nash for the resources desired.

  • BHSC Power of Proactive Advising
  • BHSC Menu Navigation
  • BHSC Student Profiles – Top Ten Takeaways
  • BHSC Student View Example
  • BHSC Advanced Search – Using Advanced Filters
  • BHSC Advisor Home – Assigned Advisees
  • BHSC Search Lists and Watch Lists
  • BHSC Advising Notes Best Practice Recommendations
  • BHSC Creating Advising Reports and Notes
  • BHSC Creating Appointment Availability
  • BHSC Creating Drop-in Availability
  • BHSC Creating Appointment Campaigns
  • BHSC Sending Email or Text Messages
  • BHSC Messaging Guidelines and Appropriate Use
  • BHSC Entering Information in the Platform Guide
  • BHSC Creating an Outlook Rule
  • BHSC Outlook Calendar Sycn**
  • BHSC Reporting Page – Advisor Reports
  • BHSC Issuing Alerts and Referrals
  • BHSC Advisor Analytics
  • BHSC Population Health Dashboard

**Advisors need to contact Naomi Nash to be added to a BHSC Outlook email group for calendar sync before proceeding with these instructions.

EAB Resources


Other Advisor Resources