BHSC Leadership

The Blue Hen Success Collaborative is exactly that – a collaboration of faculty, staff and academic leadership who have come together to collectively and strategically work towards improving student success at UD.

Leadership Team

The BHSC Leadership Team has been meeting since 2016 to discuss the utilization and implementation of EAB’s Student Success Collaborative – Campus platform at UD. Now appropriately-named the Blue Hen Success Collaborative (BHSC), the Leadership Team meets regularly to discuss details surrounding the BHSC and has been a strategic voice in operational decisions and long-term vision for the collaborative. While the Leadership Team will evolve over time, the original members included representatives from all colleges including Pat Walsh, Michael Vaughn, Pat Shields, Cindi Shenkle, Todd Royer, Marcia Rollison, John Pelesko, Keeley Powell, Laurie Palmer, Jeff Palmer, Lynn Okagaki, Naomi Nash, Chris Lucier, Lesa Griffiths, Nina Buchanan and Liz Bayley.

Specialists/Super Users

BHSC Specialists are individuals selected to represent their college and/or respective offices as “Super Users.” BHSC Specialists may still be learning certain aspects of the platform but have additional experience navigating the site. The Leadership Team look to these Super Users for feedback about the platform. Talk with your campus colleagues about their experiences within the Blue Hen Success Collaborative and how they envision leveraging the platform in their work to support students!

 College  Specialists/Super Users
 Agriculture & Natural Resources Katie Daly / Kim Yackoski
 Arts & Sciences Alison Wade / Chantelle Batson / Rosalind Johnson / Sheri Rodriguez / Cindi Shenkle / Sarah Wetherall / Lynn Robinson
Associate in Arts Latoya Watson / Nicole Kemp / Melvin Mendoza
Business & Economics Marcia Rollison / Colleen Kent Greenstine / Kim Wilson
 Earth, Ocean & Environment Keeley Powell
 Education & Human Development Kristine Ritz-Coll / Danielle Dolan
 Engineering Allison Andrews / Amy Adams / Megan Argoe / Michele Brown / Ken Bright / Samantha Fowle / Debbie Nelson / Sarah Palmer / Michele Schwander / Chuck Shermeyer / Michael Vaughan
 Health Sciences Catherine Stoner / Debbie Allen / Joyce Muller
 University Studies Adrian McCleary / Moira Curtis
 Other Specialists James Coleman / Deb Wilder

Meet the Director

The Director for the Blue Hen Success Collaborative, Naomi Nash, joined the position and Leadership Team in July 2016. Having previously served as an advisor and Senior Associate Registrar at UD, Naomi brought with her many years of higher education experience and a deep knowledge of UD systems and policies. Naomi’s professional background is rooted in advising, advisement technologies and in training advisors on system platforms and policies. With a passion for student success, Naomi enjoys working with the UD community on expanding the utilization and optimization of the Blue Hen Success Collaborative platform.