Plan of Study

It is the responsibility of all graduate students to work with their faculty advisor to submit a Plan of Study (POS) to the BIOMS Executive Committee for approval by the end of their FIRST semester of academic enrollment. To facilitate the approval process, students must use either the MS Template or the PhD Template for submission. Any document that is not formatted correctly will be returned to the student for correction by the Academic Program Coordinator before being sent on to the BIOMS Executive Committee.

Students who were given a conditional acceptance to the BIOMS Program pending completion of pre-requisite courses, must complete all courses with a grade of B or better within their first year in the BIOMS program. While these credits do not satisfy the BIOMS course requirements, successfully passing these classes will fully satisfy prerequisites originally mandated for admission. These courses must be included on the Plan of Study in the space provided. Students may enroll in courses from any department on campus if the course is suitable for the student’s chosen research area or if it satisfies one of the BIOMS requirements. Students can refer to the BIOMS Degree Requirements for a list of courses that fulfill the Instrumentation, Statistics, and Research Methods Design/Analysis requirements. For Independent Study credits, students must complete the Independent Study Template with their advisor and submit to the Academic Program Coordinator at least one semester prior to enrollment. All courses used in a student’s Plan of Study are subject to approval from the BIOMS Executive Committee. Students should contact course instructors directly to determine if and when a desired course will be offered. Students may transfer up to 9 credits from another institution, however, transferable credits must be approved by the BIOMS Executive Committee, and may not have been used to satisfy the requirements for any other degree earned by the student. Students will be required to provide the course description and its syllabus from the institution in which the course was taken.