Conditional Admission Program | English Language Institute

The Biomechanics and Movement Science Conditional Admissions Program, a joint program between the BIOMS Program and the University’s English Language Institute (ELI), provides international students, whose native language is not English, with an opportunity to be accepted into the BIOMS program without taking the TOEFL. Instead, students will enroll in ELI before beginning any BIOMS coursework. This provides BIOMS-CAP students with the opportunity to improve in the English language and develop important skills necessary for success in the BIOMS program. Each student must achieve a grade of at least “B+” in order to fulfill the language requirement.

Since BIOMS-CAP students begin their studies on the University of Delaware campus at ELI, they are given the time they need to become familiar with resources available at an American university and be accustomed to campus life. Challenges such as homesickness, culture shock, and the need for housing can be dealt with before the students actually begin their BIOMS coursework, where such distractions (especially when compounded with possible barriers to communication) can be detrimental. By beginning their university experience at the ELI, the students are in a comfortable, supportive environment, surrounded by faculty and advisors who have vast experience and success in helping students fulfill their academic dreams.

The length of time required for enrollment in the ELI prior to beginning BIOMS coursework is different for each student. It depends entirely on the student’s English skills when he or she arrives (i.e., more advanced students will require less time) and on the student’s willingness to work hard to improve his or her English skills. There are six levels of English courses, where Level I is for beginners and Level VI is for the most advanced students. The following scale shows the estimated periods of time that students will require in the ELI, depending on their initial placement:

  • Level I (Absolute Beginner): 12-16 months
  • Level II (High Beginner): 10-14 months
  • Level III (Intermediate): 8-10 months
  • Level IV (High Intermediate): 6-8 months
  • Level V (Advanced): 4-6 months
  • Level VI (High Advanced): 2-4 months