UD Research Opportunities

The University of Delaware offers its students many ways to get involved in research activities:


Faculty Email Position Description No. of positions Volunteer/ Credit/ Pay Availability Comments/ Requirements
Dawn Elliott Email Tissue biomechanics – mechanical testing of orthopedic tissues. 2 1 semester volunteer, then option for credit or pay, summer research opportunities Minimum of 10 hours/week during the semester
Curtis Johnson Email Undergraduate research positions in medical imaging available for studies in neurology, neurosurgery, and neuroscience. Knowledge of Matlab is required as primary responsibilities will be in Matlab and other image processing toolboxes. Researcher will have opportunity to participate in experiments at new MRI center on campus. Undergraduate student can work in the lab as part of their independent study project or as summer interns. 2 independent study / pay At least 10 hrs per week Students should send resume, a list of completed courses, and a statement of research interests to Dr. Curtis Johnson, (clj@udel.edu)
Dawn Elliott Email Study tendon mechanics at multiple length scales by performing biochemical assays and data analysis. 1 Vol/credit for academic year; apply for fellowship program for summer. Flexible but at least 8 hours a week, starting Spring semester Students should send their resume, list of completed courses, and unofficial transcript to delliott@udel.edu (Updated 01/2016)’
Emily Day Email Synthesis, characterization, and in vitro testing of nanoparticles 1-2/year Volunteer/credit or pay through summer fellowship Varies; typically full time during winter and summer sessions, part time during the spring and fall semesters Any other requirements/comments – for example where the students should send their resume etc.–Students should email Dr. Day (emilyday@udel.edu) to describe their interest in the lab and attach their resume and unofficial transcript
Megan Killian Email Undergraduate research positions in design, molecular/cell biology, and anatomy are currently available in the Killian laboratory to study connective tissue biology and biomechanics. Biomedical Engineering undergraduate students, as well as Mechanical Engineering, pre-Vet, and biology undergraduate students, are encouraged to apply. 3 Volunteer with potential for hourly pay At least 10 hrs per week Students should send resume, a list of completed courses, and a statement of research interests to Dr. Megan Killian, (killianm@udel.edu)
Fabrizio Sergi Email There are several projects currently available at the undergraduate level, in topics such as wearable robotics, haptics, human-robot interaction. Knowledge of Matlab and/or SolidWorks is usually a plus. Undergraduate student can work in the lab as part of their independent study project or as summer interns. 1-4 independent study / pay 10-15 hrs/week required – spring, fall and summer For more details visit website (http://sites.udel.edu/hurolab). Contact Dr. Sergi (fabs@udel.edu) briefly describing your availability and interests, and attach resume and unofficial transcript.
Jenni Buckley Email Plan and execute biomechanical tests on orthopedic implants, including but not limited to spinal implants, fracture plates, and total joint replacements. 1 Paid through UD Summer Scholars Program. 10 weeks in summer, with option to extend internship into fall semester back at UD, for BME366/466 credit. For rising junior or senior. Position will be at Taylor Laboratories in San Francisco, a non-profit biomechanical testing lab that focuses on orthopedic implants. Applicant must be familiar with design of experiments, solid mechanics, and human anatomy. Also must be comfortable working with cadavers and heavy machinery. (updated 2/2015)
David Burris Email Assist graduate students with tribology research projects involving tribological and mechanical characterization of soft biomaterials. 1 vol/credit Any time with a commitment of 20+ hours per week. Ideal candidates are good with their hands, curious, and creative problem solvers. (updated 2/2015)
Tobin Driscoll Email Use computational and mathematical analysis to create data-driven models for infant heart defects. 1-2 vol Summer 2015 Send resume to Dr. Driscoll (posted 2/2015)
Dawn Elliott Email Tissue mechanics, structure, composition. 1 vol/credit/pay Flexible but requires at least 10 hrs/week (updated 2/2015)
Dawn Elliott Email Dissecting tendons and measuring their strengths with tensile tests. 1 vol/credit 10 hrs/week all year long. Ideally would like commitment for multiple semesters. (updated 2/2015)
Jill Higginson Email Muscle coordination of normal and pathological movements; musculoskeletal experimental, modeling and simulation studies as needed vol/credit for academic year; fellowship program for summer. Spring, fall and summer. For more details visit lab website. (updated 2/2015). Contact Dr. Higginson with major, GPA and list of research interests
Sam Lee Email Develop various aspects of a generalized microcontroller system for Pediatric Mobility Lab  as needed vol/pay/credit  Flexible For more details see position description and lab website. Students with experience in C++, microcontroller programming, Matlab or Labview highly preferred. Contact Ahad Behboodi
Lucas Lu Email Cartilage biomechanics, tissue engineering, post-traumatic osteoarthritis 2 vol/pay/credit Part time in spring and fall semesters. Full time in winter and summer. For more details visit lab website. (updated 2/2015)
Swati Pradhan-Bhatt Email Work with human salivary gland and lacrimal gland cells for use in tissue-engineering applications. Help with other lab maintenance work. 2 vol/credit Flexible Send resume to Dr. Pradhan-Bhatt (posted 3/2015)
Darcy Reisman Email Assist with motion capture data collection (from persons post-stroke and neurologically intact), training sessions for post-stroke intervention studies, data processing using Vicon Nexus, Visual3D, Matlab and Excel software. 1 per semester vol/credit Part time any time. Send resume and goals for doing undergrad research in my lab. (updated 2/2015)