Research Areas

Biomedical engineering is very broad, encompassing all aspects of medicine with many fields of engineering. Biomedical research at the University of Delaware is well established. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of Biomedical Engineering, faculty at the university that are affiliated with this field are currently housed in the College of Engineering and the College of Arts and Sciences and may eventually expand to reside in other colleges. Their research falls into the following Research Areas:

Musculoskeletal & Neural Engineering  Includes aging, degeneration, injury, repair, and regeneration of musculoskeletal and neural tissues and systems.

Faculty: Binder-MacLeod, BuckleyBuchanan, BurrisDuncanElliott, ForbesGallowayHigginson, Johnson, S. LeeLuManalNohePoulakakisPrice, Reisman, Rooney, Santare, Sergi, Silbernagel, Snyder-MacklerStanhopeWang.

Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy Includes the study, detection, and treatment of cancer.

FacultyDayDuncan, GleghornKumar, Pradhan-BhattSlater.

Disease Modeling Includes determining underlying mechanisms of human disease using computational models of molecular, cellular, or higher level systems.

FacultyAttoh-Okine, BarnerBerisBraun, Chen, Colby, Driscoll, Epps, Fok, Kambhamettu, K. Lee, Lenhoff, McCullohMirotznik, OgunnaikeOu, Schleiniger, ShatkaySingh, Taufer, WuZurakowski.

Tissue and Regenerative Engineering Includes harnessing developmental biology, systems biology, and mechanobiology to develop organs and systems to treat human diseases.

Faculty: AkinsGleghorn, Jia, Kiick, Killian, Kirn-Safran, A. Kloxin, C. KloxinMartinPapoutsakisPochanPradhan-Bhatt, RaboltSabanayagamSlater, Stephens, Sullivan.

The Faculty Matrix summarizes the department and research interest of each faculty member.