Student Opportunities

The University of Delaware offers its students many ways to get involved in various activities:

  • Student Organizations: The university has over 300 registered student organizations available so students can participate in a wide range of activities.

    • UD’s BMES student chapter.The Biomedical Engineering Society student chapter at UD was approved in summer 2012. After being a registered student club for a year, it fulfilled the requirements to become an official chapter.Last year it piloted a peer mentor program to match freshman with older undergrads, based on selection criteria such as hometown and future career plans. Mentors and mentees met at least once a month and were encouraged to attend professional development events put on by BMES.BMES also kicked off a hands-on engineering project with Dr. Cole Galloway in the Physical Therapy department. Dr. Galloway’s lab modifies off-the-shelf toy racecars to provide mobility to children who can’t crawl or walk due to cerebral palsy. The BMES students worked to transform these cars into power walkers for these children.In addition to these two programs, BMES fostered undergraduate interactions and investigated programs for the future (such as GREs, MCATs and graduate school programs).For questions, please contact Emily Day, faculty advisor for BMES.
  • Student Honor and Professional societies: The college of engineering offers a variety of engineering organizations for students. They can choose one in the engineering college or in their particular engineering field.
  • International Experience: Study abroad programs in locations throughout the world are available to students at the University of Delaware. We offer short term programs during the Winter Session that include classes to fulfill general education (breadth) requirements. We also offer immersion experiences for the duration of an entire semester to enhance fluency in a foreign language.
  • Extracurricular Sports: Engineering students can participate in athletics or intramural sports offered at the university.
  • Internships
  • Research Opportunities
  • Outreach: The university offers a variety of resources through their Engineering Outreach Program for part-time students who already hold full-time jobs.