Faculty Awards

Primary faculty


    • Emily Day has received a 2014 UDRF grant and a 2014 ACCEL grant to explore breast cancer nanotherapy.




    • Chris Price has received a 2014 UDRF grant to study bone cells, was awarded a NIAMS grant (2013) to study the micro-fluidic behavior of cartilage using spatiotemporal image correlation spectroscopy (STICS), a novel bio-imaging technique, and has received a Department of Defense grant (2013) to study a novel therapy for post-traumatic osteoarthritis.



Joint/Adjunct faculty


    • Stuart Binder-MacLeod leads new Delaware-CTR ACCEL program that has received $25 million to support growth of clinical and translational research.







    • Daniel Cortes has received a R21 NIH grant to study healing of tendon injuries (2015).










    • Christopher Kloxin has received a 2015 UDRF award to study drug delivery.


    • Arun Kumar (with Karin Silbernagel) has received a 2015 COBRE NIH pilot grant to develop a nanoparticle-based theranostic agent to treat IBC metastasis, and a 2013 UDRF grant to develop new nanocomposites that mimic natural bone for use in implant therapy.



    • Abraham Lenhoff received 2014 Francis Alison Award as a faculty member who best demonstrates the combination of leadership and teaching.






    • Anja Nohe has received 5-year NIH grant (2014) to study osteoporosis treatment.




    • Darrin Pochan was elected 2012 fellow of the American Physical Society for his research in developing new nanostructures and functional materials that can have biomedical applications in drug therapy or tissue regeneration, and is part of team receiving a NIST award (2012) for continued neutron scattering research.


    • Ioannis Poulakakis has received 2014 NSF Career Award to develop planning strategies for animal-inspired robots.



    • Christopher Roberts is part of team receiving NIST award (2012) for continued neutron scattering research.


    • Hagit Shatkay received a R56 grant (2015), an ACCEL Big Data grant (2015), and a R01 grant from the National Library of Medicine (2015) to explore text mining of biomedical information and was a GLOBEX Fellow at Peking University teaching Computational Biomedicine (2014).


    • Abhi Singh has received the Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Award (2013) from the Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU), an UDRF grant (2013), and a NSF grant to perform the stochastic modeling and inference of gene networks; he was also awarded the 2012 Best Thesis Award from the Center for Control, Dynamical-systems, and Computation (CCDC), University of California at Santa Barbara.


    • Karin Silbernagel (with Arun Kumar) has received a 2015 COBRE NIH pilot grant to develop a nanoparticle-based theranostic agent to treat IBC metastasis




    • Herbert Tanner has won the 2011 Outstanding Paper for the International Journal of Intelligent Computing and Cybernetics for his research on neural networks.




    • Liyun Wang has received a 5-year NIH R01 grant to study the mechanosensing abilities of the osteocytic pericellular matrix.