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A special thank you is extended to The Perry Initiative for sharing this Orthopedics In Action lesson plan. To learn more about The Perry Initiative and the Orthopedics In Action curriculum, please click on the respective images.

Perry Initiative OIA – Find Your Center Lesson Plan

The entire lesson plan, including the video, can be downloaded here as a .zip package.

Individual Components:

Note to Instructors: Worksheet #1 (Part 1D) and Worksheet #2 (Part 2A and 2B) involve using the balance board. If there are limitations to building the balance board due to availability of resources or your teaching format, modifications to the lesson plan have been provided.

  • Virtual Learning
    • For Worksheet #1 (Part 1D) and Worksheet #2 (Part 2A and 2B), where the balance board is used, data sets have been provided to give to students. (See Addendum) Please note the values in black are the data sets that should be provided to students, while the values in red are what the students should be calculating or making up themselves.
  • In-person Learning
    • Lesson plan can be followed as is. If there are limitations to building the balance board, see the virtual learning modifications above.
  • Hybrid Learning
    • This lesson plan can be implemented on either virtual or in-person days. If taught on virtual days, see virtual learning modifications above and if taught on in-person days, follow the lesson plan as is.


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