Accepted Papers

SI201 “Some Examples of Big Data in Railroad Engineering”

Allan Zarembski

SI202 “Metaheuristics in Big Data: An Approach to Railway Engineering”

Silvia Galvan Nunez and Nii Attoh-Okine

SI203 “Multiway Analysis of Bridge Structural Types in the National Bridge Inventory (NBI)”

Offei Adarkwa, Thomas Schumacher, and Nii Attoh-Okine

SI204 “Evaluating Structural Engineering Finite Element Analysis Data Using Multiway Analysis”

Matija Radovic and Jennifer McConnell

SI205 “Facilitating Maintenance Decisions on the Dutch Railways using Big Data”

Alfredo Núñez, Jurjen Hendriks, and Zili Li

SI206 “Predicting flight arrival times with a multistage model”

Gábor Takács

SI207 “Applications of Linked Data in the Rail Domain”

Christopher Morris, John Easton, and Clive Roberts

SI208 “Real-time Traffic Speed Prediction Based on Massive Heterogenous Historical Data”

Xing-Yu Chen, Hsing-Kuo Pao, and Yuh-Jye Lee

SI209 “A Dynamic Programming Approach for 4D Flight Route Optimization”

Christian Kiss-Tóth and Gábor Takács

SI210 “Multi-Objective Optimization for Resilient Airline Networks Using Socioeconomic-Environmental Data”

Hidefumi Sawai and Aki-Hiro Sato

SI211 “Ontology-driven Data Integration for Railway Asset Monitoring Applications”

Jonathan Tutcher

SI212 “Topological Models of Document-Query Sets in Retrieval for Enterprise Information Management”

Vinay Deolalikar

SI213  “Big Data Challenges in Railway Engineering”          

Nii Attoh-Okine

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