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Student Recruitment and Admission

Information for all prospective University of Delaware students is available at:

The Department of Behavioral Health and Nutrition Academic Advisors (302-831-2252) are available to meet with prospective students interested in the Nutrition and Dietetics major. In addition, the Nutrition faculty participate in recruitment events organized by Admissions, such as Discovery Days in the summer.

Admission requirements to the University of Delaware are located at:

Entering freshmen and transfer students may be admitted directly into the Nutrition and Dietetics major (Didactic Program in Dietetics):

Students transferring into the Nutrition and Dietetics major (Didactic Program in Dietetics) from other majors within the University of Delaware must complete one semester at the University and have a 2.5 minimum GPA as well as the completion of one semester of chemistry – either CHEM 101 or CHEM 103. These students make an appointment (302-831- 2252) with the Department of Behavioral Health and Nutrition Academic Advisor to initiate the transfer.

Students who have already completed a bachelor’s degree and want to complete the DPD requirements at the University of Delaware must apply for admission to the University of Delaware. Prior to application these students are encouraged to meet with the DPD Director.

Beginning January 1, 2024, Entry level registration education requirements to become an RDN (i.e., take the credentialing exam) will be a minimum of GRADUATE degree (e.g., M.S. M.B.A., etc.).

This will affect incoming Freshman in Fall 2019.

  • Freshman: Aug 2019 – May 2020
  • Sophomore: Aug 2020 – May 2021
  • Junior: Aug 2021 – May 2022
  • Senior: Aug 2022 – May 2023
  • Dietetic Intern: Aug 2023 – Jun 2024