As an advisee, you have the responsibility to:

  • Become familiar with and adhere to all academic policies, procedures, and degree requirements;
  • Utilize UDSIS, which includes many tools that can assist you in monitoring your academic progress;
  • Schedule regular appointments with your advisor (at least once a semester);
  • Prepare for your advisement appointments: review your planning guide and course options prior to your sessions and come prepared with a list of questions or concerns;
  • Follow through on recommendations, referrals, and tasks discussed during advisement sessions;
  • Utilize campus resources and services when necessary to foster success;
  • Consider your values, interests, abilities, and goals and how they might affect your academic choices;
  • Understand that you are ultimately responsible for the academic choices and decisions you make.

Advisors have the responsibility to:

  • Actively listen to your questions and concerns;
  • Help you develop realistic educational and career goals;
  • Assist you in planning an academic program consistent with your interests, abilities, and goals;
  • Assist you with monitoring your academic progress and offer suggestions on how you might seek assistance when necessary;
  • Interpret academic policies, procedures and requirements;
  • Aid with the registration process and regulate course substitutions;
  • Inform you of special academic opportunities
  • Help you consider other educational opportunities in addition to your coursework (volunteering, study abroad, campus organizations, etc.);
  • Refer you to other university resources and services when necessary


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