1 Credit Wellness Courses

***PLEASE NOTE: Not all courses below are offered every semester.***

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Cook It Healthy
Basic principles of food preparation, including an understanding of food and kitchen safety and sanitation, basics of healthy cooking methods, and recipe adaptation to improve nutritional value and health.  Check out the Food Lab website for more information on cooking classes and workshops!
Death and Dying
Introduction to topics of grieving, funerals, afterlife, leaving a legacy, comforting others, and creating a bucket list in order to help students live life to their fullest potential.
Destress for Health
Understand the positive and negative impacts of stress, identify the major causes of stress, and learn how to effectively manage day-to-day stressors.
Financial Wellness
Introduction to finances including a budget, credit cards, student loans, and how stress related to finances may impact your heath.
Happiness and Health
Explore the basics of positive psychology, and various philosophies of happiness, and the many factors which contribute to it.  Identify thoughts and behaviors and practice a number of exercises designed to better understand, foster, and spread happiness.
Health and Religion
Religious and spiritual themes are examined as a way to contribute to the health and wellness of oneself and others.  The world’s traditional religions are used as a backdrop to explore spiritual topics of lifestyle, prayer, meditation, and fasting.
Healthy Weight for Life
Overweight and obesity are national health problems.  Learn how to prevent weight gain and maintain a healthy weight for life.  Please be aware that this is not a diet or weight loss class.
Personal Relationships
Examine different types of relationships – significant other, sibling, parent, friends – and identify “tools” for strengthening relationships including character strengths and weaknesses, communication, and boundaries.
Spice Kitchen: Taste the Flavor
Explore the flavors and health properties of approximately ten spices, assist in the preparation of recipes, and complete sensory evaluations of the prepared foods.  Check out the Food Lab website for more information on cooking classes and workshops!
Sustainability and Food
Introduction to the use of local/seasonal produce and sustainable cooking, including an understanding of food cultivation at the UD Farm, strategies, and tips for eating seasonally and getting the most out of local produce year-round, and how to use a variety of cooking methods and store-bought ingredients to transform local produce into meals at home.
Takeout Makeover
Learn how to transform popular prepared and restaurant food into healthy and easy-to-make items that can be cooked at home, including an understanding ob basic healthy cooking methods and recipe adaptation to improve nutrition value and health.  Check out the Food Lab website for more information on cooking classes and workshops!
Vegetarianism: Is It For You?
Examine the history, health, ecological benefits, and potential risks of vegetarianism.  With a brief introduction to basic nutrition. learn how to plan a healthy well-balanced vegetarian diet.


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