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BS in Health Behavior Science

Health Behavior Science majors explore and analyze how human actions, cognitions, communications, and environment affect health, chronic disease, relationships and quality of life across the lifespan.

More specifically they work to promote healthy lifestyles through education, assessing needs, counseling and coaching individuals, developing and implementing programs, policy change, creating media and materials, and evaluating the impact and outcome of their efforts.

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BS in Nutrition

This degree is designed for students who want to combine a study of nutrition with another course of study. They may choose a minor or use their electives to take a variety of courses of interest.

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BS in Nutrition and Dietetics

This is the major for students who wish to pursue the Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RD/RDN) credential. Students should be aware that completion of a post-undergraduate internship is required before taking the examination to become an RD/RDN. Acceptance into an internship is very competitive, and GPA, work/volunteer, and leadership experiences as well as recommendations are all factors in admittance.

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BS in Nutrition and Medical Sciences

This major is designed to focus on building a strong science foundation focused in biology, physiology, and chemistry. The integration of science and nutrition through the Nutritional Sciences major will successfully prepare you to pursue an advanced degree in nutrition, medicine, dental, pharmacology, physical therapy, or other related health professions.

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