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Health Behavior Science

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We conduct high-impact initiatives that have a positive and lasting effect on human health and well being. Our faculty are contributing to the development of new knowledge about a wide array of diseases and injuries, as well as issues related to wellness and health promotion, including nutrition, health education, and exercise. The following are some examples of ongoing research in our department:

  • Motor coordination in children with autism, dyslexia, and developmental coordination disorder
  • Motor skill proficiency, physical activity, and obesity in young children
  • Barriers to physical activity participation in aging populations
  • Impact of health behavior therapy on high-risk adults
  • Effectiveness of health coaching on high-risk mothers and their children
  • Promoting walk-to-school behaviors and policies: assessment of community environments
  • Efficacy of social media in promoting healthy behaviors
  • Use of animal therapy to promote health among children with disabilities
  • Nutritional interventions in cardiovascular disease and aging
  • Psychosocial determinants of physical activity behavior
  • Dietary and anthropometric assessment methods